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Too many Julias to put in a box

So everyone here in Oz is talking about it and it seems they are going to do so for the next week. If I was Australian, this election would probably be getting on my nerves. But since I am a freshly arrived newcomer, I am just finding all of it quite entertaining. So is debating with my housemates! Politics are a great way to know more about people, and with the elections, Australians are showing themselves in the nude. I am loving it! (no pervy intentions)

For those who would like to get filled in, check CNN’s Explainer

The even lazier minds can have a look at this *how should I put this* interesting taiwanese view on the events. Mandarin not required.

However, this giant soap opera might be a little more complicated than what it seems. The patterns are reflecting in a way what we had in France in 2007. Tony Abbott shares many traits with Nicolas Sarkozy. So does Julia Gillard with Ségolène Royal. But the game was totally different, and the ending a lot more straightforward. I do note though that, beyond these battles of the sex, there is a global tendency of green parties being on the rise, and that immigration is always one of the no.1 electoral issues in the Western world (interestingly enough though, neither of both candidates were born in Australia). This country does have many challenges to face, but from a European point of view, they are quite hard to grasp. A territory of this size, with such a small population, and an economy which has come out of the crisis practically unharmed… The fears concerning their population expansion would seem laughable to us but they are real. They are having to deal with sustainability and unemployment like everyone else. Now I am here I do realize that my prospects for my future in Australia are getting scarcer everyday.

Anyway, let’s stay positive! Last tuesday, a friend invited me to an event organized at UTS by Vibewire, an local “innovative non-profit youth organisation providing media, arts & entrepreneurial opportunities and events for young people” (now that’s what I like – check them out!). They got together 4 Julia Gillard impersonators and staged a debate between them. If you are not afraid of venturing into Australian humour and middle aged women dancing to Kesha, you should watch these videos. They dont reflect half of the fun I had that night, but they do offer however a less grim take on Aussie politics.