Putting yourself inside the box to create things that are outside the box

So my days are from now on going to be pretty much impacted by my master thesis. Let’s not let it spoil my Australian experience. Let’s make it fun and useful. Because it is!
This blog is going to be at some point a log of my “entrepreneurial” journey, which starting point is, funnily enough, my thesis. Probably a PRINCE2 type daily online log (oooh knowledge show off… Google that if you want to know more). We shall see about that.
Linking project management and entrepreneurship is sadly something that has seldom been done. Honestly, I do not know when I will jump into the piranhas lake, but I believe it will not be in the near future. However, entrepreneurs have always fascinated me, especially the innovative ones. Yes, the darers, the brave, the new modern adventurers. I just want to write about them. And maybe try to see how my newly acquired knowledge can benefit the future me (come on, it HAS to be useful in SOME WAY).
Ok, let’s not be too boring. Using methodologies seems counter-intuitive when you want to create/sell new things, or just want to do things differently. When you want to “change the world”, you probably do not feel like being like everyone else. You want to take a different path. Structures, cages, boxes are in opposition with your view of things.
But thinking about it (yes hard enough), putting yourself in a box can be somehow more productive and reassuring for you, AND the people you want to involve.
A project management method builds on experience, and everyone knows what to expect. It is proactive and not reactive (even though you are also prepared to react to unforeseen events).
You could even avoid this kind of situation… 😉

By the way, be sure to visit theoatmeal.com.
It is just knee slapplingly hilarious.

Anyway cupcakes, I will keep you updated on what goes on. The people I meet, the amazing discoveries I make. And of course, I will gradually unveil my projects… Exciting isn’t it?


One response to “Putting yourself inside the box to create things that are outside the box

  1. Yes, it IS exciting!! 🙂 What a great project you have… Good luck boy!

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